Beat Zoderer

New Tools For Old Attitudes

Private View
29.08. 6 a.m. -6 a.m.
Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Beat Zoderer
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Beat Zoderer, born in Zürich in 1955, has been classified as a Concrete artist – yet, in many respects, he
is the exact opposite. He de-constructs and revitalises Concrete and Constructive Art by subtly
undercutting its severity, rationality and perfectionism.
Zoderer's drawings, images, sculptures and installations have been presented by some of the world's
most prestigious institutions. In Switzerland, however, only parts of his work have ever been seen. Haus
Konstruktiv is therefore proud to present Switzerland's first comprehensive retrospective of his oeuvre.
The exhibition that runs across four floors contains works from 1984 until the present day.

For the large exhibition hall on the ground floor Zoderer designed an installation which viewers can walk
through, offering spectacular views of its interior and exterior.

Zoderer's ability to design installations that suit a specific space expresses, first and foremost, his
predilection for a radical mixture of art and everyday objects. It is a mixture that he also achieves in his
images which, at first sight, often appear to be strictly geometrical and systematically structured. On
closer inspection, however, he has used completely unexpected materials: from office and storage
supplies, folders, adhesive tape, foam strips and the like, Zoderer generates complex, multi-colored
worlds that frequently appear to be a critically ironic reflection of the Concrete artists'
"Materialgerechtigkeit" (truth to materials). Far removed from strictly self-reflective art that lays claim to
purity of form and purity of colour, Zoderer's art is uninhibited and fearless: it recoils neither from cheap
materials nor from a radically free treatment of art's highly charged issues – form, colour, space,
meaning. Zoderer's works achieve their striking effect through a powerful sensual appeal and their
subtle intellectual invitation to mistrust a conventional view of things.

The monograph New Tools for Old Attitudes (224 pages, four colours, text in German/English, CHF 79.–)
has been published by Hatje Cantz press to accompany the exhibition. This book is called New Tools for
Old Attitudes. It is Zoderer's summary of his most urgent concern, which is the combination of various
systems and approaches to stimulate new and unexpected interpretations.
This catalogue begins in 1984, when Zoderer was still addressing the symbols and legends of art
history. In chronological order it presents his consistent artistic development right up to his current
works. Zoderer's development is traced in an extensive conversation, the first time the artist has ever
allowed a wider audience to catch a disarmingly revealing and detailed glimpse of the motivations that
impel his activities and thinking.

Textilbänder auf Leinwand Nr. 3

Indian Ribbons on Canvas, woven

New Tools For Old Attitudes

Video Interview with Beat Zoderer
(in German)