Stefana McClure

Sleeper at the Sleeper

Bartha Contemporary is delighted to announce an exhibition by Stefana McClure at the Sleeper Art Space in Edinburgh this September. Stefana McClure is probably best known for her Films on Paper, an ongoing series of monochromatic works composed of a succession of superimposed subtitles, inter-titles or closed captions depicting entire movies. The process is subtractive: the surface of the paper is slowly eroded as sequential layers of information are transferred off. Hours of translated dialogue are reduced to a ghost form, dense in the middle, fading towards the edges. The hypersensitivity and intrinsic memory of the transfer paper enables these multi-layered works to become palimpsests with the iridescent glow of high tech video screens.

The eight new Films on Paper presented at Sleeper are embodiments of Woody Allen’s wonderfully dystopian science fiction spoof of the same name. For this project, in addition to working with languages with which she is familiar, McClure has entered the exotic and more challenging realm of the unknown. Downloading subtitles in Finnish, Danish and Brazilian Portuguese, the artist then began the riddle-breaking process of researching enough of the structure of each language to correct spelling, sort out glitches and reassign the accents that had inevitably been lost in translation. Learning a language in this way, more concerned with decoding words than interpreting context, is like being an Egyptologist, studying patterns and deciphering hieroglyphs.

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