Mike Meiré & DIS

New Museum New York

"The Island (KEN)" is an installation that the New York based artist collective DIS has developed in collaboration with Dornbracht and Mike Meiré: A new, hybrid "product" which unites the areas of kitchen and bathroom and radically questions our understanding of every day objects and their application.

The installation features Dornbracht's Horizontal Shower as a central piece, demonstrating the innovative application for the first time in a Museum – "The Island (KEN)" will also be the scene of performances created an organized by DIS. Performances will take place from February 25th to March 31st every day and hourly between 1:00pm - 4:00pm and then regularly all saturdays following.

'The Island (KEN)': Installation and live performance in New York on the occasion of the New Museum Triennial 'Surround Audience'. Created by DIS in collaboration with Dornbracht, and co-designed by Mike Meiré.
Photos: Heji Shin, Copyright: Dornbracht