Joan Waltemath 2022 Grant Recipient

FCA Helen Frankenthaler Award for Painting

Bartha Contemporary is delighted to announce that Joan Waltemath is the 2022 recipient of the prestigious Helen Frankenthaler Award for Painting by Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

The longstanding gallery collaborator and Director at Baltimor's MICA Hoffberger School for painting is currently working on a series of new works that will be presented at our London gallery in 2023. In a recent statement the artist remarks: "I find myself challenging the notion that painting is experienced solely through vision. Building on what has come before in order to create the flow of time/space, means inseparability and complex connectivity. To find this place, we let go of our assumptions, beginning with the idea that painting is visible in a glance.

My work expands with your extended attention; being present engages your senses in the work of connecting through your being. When you approach my constructions, they are closed—you can see the basic design. Is that it? If you can still yourself long enough to experience the algorithms forming the ground layer, correspondences appear and become a vehicle to move through the composition. Now the markings can guide you.

These dimensions are not limited to the Euclidean world. The perceiver is not separate from the perceived. As synchronicity increases, depth opens up; this is the operative ratio of ceremonial space. My thoughts are coming at a time when our souls have been blasted apart by a world of constant interruption. To experience art as an impression on the soul requires preparation and an ability to focus the mind on matter."

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