Beyond Black and White

Joan Witek at Westbeth Gallery, NYC

Bartha Contemporary is delighted to announce gallery artist Joan Witek's participation in Westbeth Gallery's current exhibition "Beyond Black and White". The exhibition continues until January 27th 2018.

The Westbeth Gallery states:
Beyond Black and White is an exhibition of black and white based abstraction that goes past the limits of these two colors. Some of the painters create variations in different blacks and whites, paint using the grey tones that come in between, or work with pattern. Others set additional color against black and white as a counterpoint in their palette. A number of the artists incorporate black and white as a physical component in their artwork. They go beyond black and white color, for example, using pigment as a concrete material or working with black and white printed text. “Beyond Black and White” provides an opportunity to examine this important niche with in contemporary abstraction. The exhibit includes 38 artists, both Westbeth and non-Westbeth.


René Pierre Allain
Lisa Beck
Sharon Brant
Michael Brennan
Henry Brown
Jacob Cartwright
Vincent Como
Mark Dagley
Laura Duerwald
Cris Gianakos
Elizabeth Gregory-Gruen
Daniel Hill
Gilbert HsiaoHeather Hutchinson
James Hyde
Debra Jenks
Melissa Kretschmer
Robert Ludwig
Stephen Maine
Tom Martinelli
Gelah Penn
David Rhodes
Ivo Ringe
Michael Rouillard
Cordy Ryman
Steven SalzmanKaren Schifano
Michael Scott
David Seccombe
Li Trincere
Kim Uchiyama
Ken Wade
Dan Walsh
Mark Williams
Joan Witek
Douglas Witmer
Jean Wolff
Patricia Zarate

Joan Witek - Painting, on view at Wesbeth Gallery, NYC

Exhibition Flyer