Beat Zoderer: Bürger- un Medienzentrum Baden-Württemberg

Public Commission

Beat Zoderer has been commissioned to build the new artwork for the Centre for Civil- and Media Issues of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. His work "Der Volksvertreter" (The Representative), a 7,2 m high chess figure, was chosen among 8 artists who had been asked to submit proposals by the art committee of Baden-Württemberg.
The director of the committee, Annette Ipach-Öhmann, said, that they were happy to be able to realise a proposal "as artistically valuable and appropriate in terms of its signification for the Landtag" as the one presented by Zoderer.
An exhibition starting in Stuttgart at the beginning of July will showcase all proposals presented; a date stating the realisation of the artwork has not been published yet.

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