BC Showcase

New Website

As the world around us changes before our eyes in ways we never thought possible we witnessed an unparalleled move towards the digital space. In the art market, we are confronted with a plethora of online market places, viewing rooms, podcasts, videos, blogs and social media channels all fighting for our attention.

BC Showcase aims to be a curated space for our gallery. Separated from this website, the new platform will grow to a catalogue of feature presentations, following a simple format that is flexible enough to combine many forms of media. Often linked to resources elsewhere, in other instances self-contained, we will also collaborate with artists to present editorial contents around specific works or projects they are currently involved with.

We invite you to preview Bartha Contemporary Showcase at bc.show and hope you will accompany us as the site grows. Idiosyncratic and a place for experimentation we hope you will find this an inspiring addition to our program and welcome your feedback and suggestions.