Art Genève 2017

Geneva, Switzerland

Palexpo, Geneva
Frank Gerritz, Clay Ketter, Sarah Chilvers, Stefana McClure, Beat Zoderer, Allyson Strafella
Bartha Contemporary is delighted to participate at artgenève 2017. Split in two sections, one featuring a solo show with recent paintings by Clay Ketter, the other an overview of works by Sarah Chilvers, Frank Gerritz, Stefana McClure, Allyson Strafella and Beat Zoderer.

Further details to follow.

Sarah Chilvers

Untitled (BC_SC2016_15)

Stefana McClure

The Simpsons: The Complete First Season 13 drawings, 27 x 32 cm each

Beat Zoderer

3/4 Kreisexzenter (No. 1,2,3,5)

Frank Gerritz

Two Center Connection I 2 part

Frank Gerritz

Two Center Connection 2 part

Frank Gerritz

Four Center Connection I 2 part