Fair opening
15.11.2018 12:00PM - 8:00PM (By invitation only)
Bartha Contemporary is pleased to participate in the second edition of Art Düsseldorf, the leading contemporary art-fair located between two cultural regions of Germany’s Rheinland and Ruhr-area.
Split into two distinct sections the gallery booth will feature both a dedicated showcase of works by the late New York painter James Howell, alongside a presentation of works by Sarah Chilvers, Susan Morris and Allyson Strafella.

James Howell’s (1935-2014) lifelong study into the properties of colour perception, occupies an unique place in the recent history of painting. Described as looking into fog, each piece is part of consistent body of work, depicting a carefully calibrated gradation of grays. Concerned with the subtle movement of light, Howell’s refined works invite the viewer to consider the possibilities within a conceptual framework, that is simultaneously narrow and infinite. The experience of Howell’s paintings are an existential exploration into the process of seeing. The presentation at Art Düsseldorf offers an opportunity to view the work of this radical painter within the broader context of current art practice.
A monograph by Dr. Alistair Rider on the life and work of James Howell will be published by Circa Publishing, London in 2019. This presentation is made possible with support from The James Howell Foundation, New York.

A focused both featuring works by three female artists, Sarah Chilvers, Susan Morris and Allyson Strafella, who all recently exhibited at the gallery in London will complement the gallery showcase.

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