Private View
01.03. 6:30 p.m. -8:30 p.m.
Bartha Contemporary, Lancaster Road
Jill Baroff
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Gallery N. von Bartha is delighted to announce the forthcoming exhibition “YOU ARE HERE” with new works by Jill Baroff. The artist’s second solo exhibition at the gallery will showcase drawings based on tidal readings as well as a new monochromatic floor installation entitled “About Face”. The exhibition is on view through April 28, 2007.

The idea of landscape, along with its expression, evolves and changes with each new way we are able to view our surroundings. Satellites circle the planet, transferring images taken from hundreds of miles above its surface; Goggle Earth allows us to participate in a kind of global bungy jumping, and nano-centric inventions take us into the smallest universes imaginable to unveil cosmic microcosms. All this, and still we experience a sense of loss and being lost in our surroundings.

“YOU ARE HERE” touches down where these themes of landscape, science and sense of place intersect. In the ongoing series, Tide Drawing Circles, concentric circles ripple outward to describe the perpetually moving seas at given locations (New York Harbor, Tokyo and Corpus Christi, Texas). A nine-part series of drawings similarly establish a grid pattern for each of the nine days' tides they describe. About Face, a monochrome floor work made of painted corrugated paper, changes hue in each of its 30 parts. The shifting color is responsive to the spiraling movement of the paper flutes, beginning at zero and coming to rest 180 degrees from where it began.

A publication accompanying a recent exhibition at the Kunstverein Grafschaft Bentheim entitled “Jill Baroff / Stefana McClure THE SHAPE OF TIME” is available at the gallery.