Henrik Eiben

Henrik Eiben's multifaceted works are full of deceptions and wilful contradictions.
Influenced by American minimalism the artist's paintings, works on paper as well as installations evolve from a reduced vocabulary of predominantly geometric shapes.
However their composition is not derived from mathematical systems but instead develops intuitively. Eiben predominantly works with unorthodox materials mixing fabrics ranging
from cheap fake leather to cashmere felts or knitted wool with construction materials as
well as applying a variety of painting techniques. His love for fabrics as a medium first
began during his studies in the USA. It was then that Eiben decided to work with such a wide variety of materials, each chosen for its ability to serve as a means to accomplish a preconceived idea, rather than for its inherent attributes. Many of Eiben's pieces at first appear as clearly defined abstract art-works, however on closer inspection their often skilfully hidden
sub-context reveals a broader and more nuanced approach to abstraction. The clever interaction between distinctly different mediums as well as highly contrasting colour schemes allow Eiben an artistic freedom, which result in exceptionally engaging works of art. Download Henrik Eiben' CV here

Henrik Eiben at Casa Tomada