Anna Dickinson

Anna Dickinson is constantly experimenting; she possesses a curiosity which, associated with her hard-working, perfectionist temperament, preserves her from all superficiality. Dickinson has chosen the container because of her conviction and passion, a form she understands and masters fully. Far from evoking a useful object, her pieces put us in mind of sculptures, which for their relatively small size are monumental.

She shifts from monochrome blown-glass pieces to cast and cut objects. The glass is often combined with metal which brings together two kinds of lustre. The surface of the glass is patiently ground and polished to perfection.
The nature of her inspiration has evolved from exotic textures and colours to her immediate daily environment. The rigour and taste that Anna Dickinson has cultivated, together with the exceptional sense of subtle tonalities, lend her objects a mysterious, meditative quality.

(In collaboration with von Bartha Collection, Basel) Download Anna Dickinson' CV here